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Open letter to Kris Kringle a.k.a. Santa Claus

SKIPPY, Granny's white long haired chichaua is a Tribble that growls. There is long white hair on every surface imaginable and several unimaginable. Even in my toothbrush. Because Granny is blind, and deaf, and more than a rock’s throw the other side of senile, Skippy considers my entire house one big toilet. Outdoors, this dog will walk and play, then sit and look at you. I have locked him outside for hours & as soon as he is let inside, he releases all. No training has changed this and Granny thinks it’s funny. Ya, a real hoot.
Santa, my Christmas wish includes a video camera, 3 large helium balloons, and good strong string.

By the way, check out a review of the album "Substance W - A Boiling Vat of Adhesive Xmas" at A Christmas Yuleblog. I was so impressed that I imeadiatly popped over to Amazon and purchased the album.

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Wired: The Best Fictional Doomsday Devices

From earth-shattering fusion reactors to catastrophic earthquake machines to planet-destroying space stations... the junk science and catastrophic fear that make fictional doomsday devices fun.

And my girlfriend just broke up with me, so universe-splitting doom all around... or just kill me.

Wired: The Best Fictional Doomsday Devices

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Ain't love grand?

Authorities say a Fort Myers man shot himself in the arm after his girlfriend refused to have sex with him.

Man shoots himself in arm after being denied sex - Yahoo! News

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Family Guy - Nudists

YouTube - Snickers Speedwalker Ad

Snickers commercial that has gay rights advocates panties all in a knot. I don't get it... who says the faggy little man in the commercial is actually a fag. Guess I don't have "gaydar"...

Mr T Ad Pulled In Anti-Gay Row

PS - I pity the fool who doesn't think that Mister T rocks!

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Have you been listening to the negotiations between China and Tibet?



I'm not sure that I recommend this in any way. But it is the most ridiculous thing I have seen on the internet in a long time, and made me laugh a lot.

NSFW. Possibly offensive. Probably disgusting.

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Yes, That's Right - I Didn't Make It To The Solstice Circle When Called

Late last night, about 9 p.m. I was met at my front door by an opossum.
He stood squarely at the door, facing the house, waiting.
I stepped up beside him, placed my feet firmly together, and pointed a wagging finger at him.
"I'm sorry, Your not getting into this house, mister." I said gently to my would be guest.
He turned and moved about 3 steps to the left.
He then turned to look back inside through the glass beside the door, giving me the occasional sideways glance of disgust.
I watched him as I opened the door and went inside. He never twitched a muscle. I checked back in a couple of minutes. He was gone the third time I looked. My guess is that The Wonderful World of Disney had just gone off.

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The 9 Best Mirror Pep Talks

The greatest inspiration comes from within. Or it comes from within, but it looks like it´s coming from someone else who looks just like you.

The 9 Best Mirror Pep Talks

Cause There's Nothing Else To Do

Ya, I got 'cha Star Trek

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PDA's Banished To Oblivion

Alton Towers Resort, an English amusement park, will be piloting a "PDA Free Zone" from May 25th thru June 1st.
Russell Barnes, Divisional Director for the Alton Towers Resort explains; "What we have here is the ultimate short break location where every member of the family can unwind and have fun."
It would seem "What we've got here is failure to communicate."
Listen for cries of "I needs me my crackberry!"

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Where the fuck is Mike?

Blogging from my cell phone, now. What an age of miracles and wonders and totally useless shit we live in...

Where the fuck is Mike?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Lindsay Lohan Satanic Sex Lust

When I arrived at her coke-littered hovel I found Lohan smeared in goats blood dancing naked to the best of Barry Manilow. The 20-year-old Devil worshipper only agreed to the interview on condition that I strip down to my bare arse and let her straddle my whip stick whilst she drizzled black candle wax onto my steely, brown nipples. Link

See also: Lindsay Lohan Accused Of Stealing Clothes Again

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Baltimore offered native Frank Zappa bust; will they accept?

BALTIMORE (AP) - Frank Zappa, who sang about "Plastic People," has been cast in bronze. Again.

In 1995, a quirky bunch of Lithuanian artists and intellectuals managed to erect a bust of the eccentric rocker in downtown Vilnius, the capital of the former Soviet republic.
Now, they want to place a replica in Zappa's hometown.
Saulius Paukstys, longtime president of a Zappa fan club, was in Baltimore on Wednesday to pitch the Zappa bust to the city's public art commission. "It's carved already, and it's ready to be shipped to the U.S.," said Arturas Baublys, a public relations consultant and Zappa admirer who made the trip with Paukstys. "Whenever Baltimore says, 'OK,' and gives us an address to ship it to, we pack it and we ship it on our costs. And that's a nation of three and a half million giving a present to the United States."
Before the initial sculpture was erected, there was no known connection between Zappa and Lithuania. The mustachioed, antiestablishment musician was born in Baltimore to an Italian immigrant father and died of prostate cancer in 1993 at age 52, never having visited the Baltic state.
But his music was popular among the Lithuanian avant-garde, particularly in the immediate aftermath of the country's independence in 1990 from the Soviet Union. Paukstys, an art photographer, launched the fan club and even set up an art exhibit with imagined correspondence between himself and Zappa, whom he had never met.
The club commissioned the bust from Konstantinas Bogdanas, a respected sculptor who cast many portraits of Lenin during the Soviet era. And members managed to persuade the mayor and city council to place it in a public square, in front of the Belgian embassy.
"It was just four years after independence," Paukstys said through Baublys, who translated from Lithuanian. "The opportunity for this Zappa statue was also like a trial for the new system and the newly established democracy, if that (was) possible or not."
Paukstys and Baublys hope for a similar friendly response from Baltimore, where last year Mayor Sheila Dixon proclaimed Aug. 9 as "Frank Zappa Day."
Vilnius Mayor Juozas Imbrasas sent a letter to Dixon asking her to accept the gift.
"I hope that replication of the original statue of Frank Zappa in Vilnius and bringing it to Baltimore will perpetuate the memory of one of the greatest artists of the (20th) century," Imbrasas wrote.
Baublys estimated the cost of creating and shipping the bust at $50,000. The city would be responsible for installation and maintenance at a yet-to-be determined location.
He said the project has the blessing of Zappa's widow, Gail, who as head of the Zappa Family Trust has been protective of her late husband's image and music. Gail Zappa's attorney did not immediately respond to an e-mail seeking comment, and an agents for two of Zappa's sons, Dweezil and Ahmet, did not return phone calls.
Sterling Clifford, a spokesman for Dixon, said the mayor had no objection to the bust but would defer to the judgment of the public art commission. He noted that Zappa belongs in the pantheon of Baltimore's famously offbeat favorite sons and daughters.
"Like John Waters and a lot of artists we're proud of," Clifford said, "it's a big deal that Frank Zappa is from Baltimore."

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gaze upon me

Seems to work best if you stare at it for a few seconds at least...

Multi Media Day: Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut

All men are not created equal. It is the purpose of the Government to make them so.

Several months ago I heard about this movie on some forum, and I was able to download it, sitting on it until I had a chance to watch it. The society portrayed here is similar to the one in Sirens of Titan in that all physical and mental inequalities are leveled through the use of handicapping (athletes are weighted down, intelligent people crippled with mind numbing headbands). Harrison is a young man too smart for his band who is taken into the secret government to help run things.

The movie, while neither political Left or Right is a great Dystopian satire about good intentions gone bad and the moral ambiguity of doing the right thing. This movie reminds me blend of both Network and Idiocracy. I really enjoyed it, and think that if you like reading NTM and agree with some of the things I write, then you should probably watch this movie.

Watch the entire movie starring Sean Astin:

You can read the short story here:"Harrison Bergeron" by Kurt Vonnegut

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Eugene McDaniels: Headless Heroes

I just heard this song on and immediately knew I had to post it here.

Here are more details about the artist and album from All About

This is soul. Not Al Green soul. Not Isaac Hayes soul (but perhaps a bit closer to that). This is the soul of the black man. It is the soul of a student of history who is sick and tired of force-feeding and ready to spit back. This is the soul of a man tired of the system and using his art to reframe and correct it.

When it first came out in 1971, Eugene McDaniels’ vitriolic statement irked and ired many, including Vice President Spiro Agnew, who personally contacted Atlantic Records to demand that the album be shelved. Despite this high praise from such a high post, the album’s music and message has survived in the hearts and minds of music lovers (including The Beastie Boys, who sampled a piece of McDaniels’ wisdom on Ill Communication ) and has now been revived in the equally aware hands of Producer Joel Dorn.

Though the abum may be a grand departure from McDaniel’s earlier hit, "Compared To What," its provocative soothe continues to reverberate. Predicting the coming of acid jazz and even gangster rap, McDaniels covers both the topics of his time — from the horoscopic groove of "Lovin’ Man" to the androgynous murder of "Jagger the Dagger" — and of times past and still present in sharp-eyed chronicles like "Headless Heroes," "Supermarket Blues," the subtly bomb-bastic "Freedom Death Dance" and "The Parasite" (which may be dedicated to Native American artiast and activist Buffy St.Marie). Wrapping his sharp words in cozy key lines and absorbent rhythms, McDaniels tells it like it is and rarely shirks the truth. Though "Susan Jane" is a jangly Dylan-esque exercise in simple rhyme, it acts as a necessary break from McDaniels’ torrential attacks of conscience.

The entire album can be downloaded here: RapidShare: 1-Click Webhosting: ""

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The Man Comming Down On A Brother Of Color - Or Not

Friday, April 25, 2008 MEXICO CITY -- A press aide at the president's office has been dismissed following allegations that he took BlackBerrys belonging to U.S. officials at a summit in New Orleans, an official said Friday.

Rafael Quintero Curiel acknowledged picking up two of the telephone and e-mail devices at the summit of the leaders of Mexico, the United States and Canada this week, but said he thought they had been left behind and was trying to return them. A Mexican government spokeswoman said Quintero Curiel was dismissed from his year-old job coordinating logistics for reporters covering President Felipe Calderon's international trips. She spoke on condition of anonymity because she is not authorized to talk to the news media about the case. White House Press Secretary Dana Marie Perino said Thursday that a member of the Mexican delegation was involved in "the disappearance of a couple of BlackBerrys." She said she didn't know whether the phones contained sensitive information, but said they were recovered. She did not mention Quintero Curiel by name. It was not clear how many of the devices were taken or who they belonged to. In a letter sent to The Associated Press and local news media, Quintero Curiel said he picked up the phones thinking they had been forgotten, and intended to send them to their owners." Given that most of the delegates had left the hotel where the event was taking place, I picked up two cellular phones with the intention of returning them to their owners," he wrote. He said he had to rush to a closing ceremony and then to the airport, and ran out of time to return the phones, so he gave them to a driver with instructions to hand them over to desk clerks at the hotel. In the letter, he said U.S. Secret Service agents approached him at the airport asking him to return the BlackBerrys, but he said the agents thanked him for his help when he explained the incident. Participants at summits often are asked to leave their cell phones on a table outside meeting rooms to avoid distractions or as a security measure. David Gewirtz, an expert on e-mail security and author of the book "Where Have All The Emails Gone?" said Friday that the incident shows the vulnerability of U.S. data." The real simple issue is that what's inside the devices could be potentially enormously damaging," he said. "It ranges from simple things like home addresses and phone numbers ... up to things like plans for negotiations we might have with other countries."

While I can believe Rafael had no ill intentions, how in the hell could he pass off that kind of responsibility to his driver?

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The Times, They Are A'Changin

Between October 2007 and January 2008, two dozen researchers at IBM participated in an internal pilot program designed to investigate the possibility of migrating employees to the Mac platform. At the end of the trial, 86 percent of the testers asked to continue using their Macs, leading IBM to plan to expand the pilot to 100 users by the end of 2008.

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Robert A. Heinlein once wrote the following

"A human being should be able to:
  • change a diaper
  • plan an invasion
  • butcher a hog
  • conn a ship
  • design a building
  • write a sonnet
  • balance accounts
  • build a wall
  • set a bone
  • comfort the dying
  • take orders
  • give orders
  • cooperate
  • act alone
  • solve equations
  • analyze a new problem
  • pitch manure
  • program a computer
  • cook a tasty meal
  • fight efficiently
  • die gallantly

Specialization is for insects."

I just moved. FUCK Robert A. Heinlein!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Jason Beghe (actor) Anti- Scientology video removed from YouTube

The 48-year-old was the first celebrity to speak out against the religion, telling how his 12 years with the church damaged him and accusing Scientology of being “destructive” and a “rip-off”.

After Beghe’s criticism of the church made headlines yesterday, YouTube suspended the account of the prolific Scientology critic who posted the video, making the clip unavailable to viewers.

But the suspension has angered YouTube users who have thrown their weight behind Mark Bunker, who uses the name XenuTV1 on the site.

By this morning, 45 YouTube members had used their sign-ons to re-post Bunker’s interview with the Cane and CSI actor.

In the clip, Benghe said: “My experience personally, and what I’ve observed for myself, is that Scientology is destructive and a rip-off.”

"It’s very, very dangerous for your spiritual, psychological and mental, emotional health and evolution. I think it stunts your evolution.”

The church insists it brings its members “spiritual enlightenment” and it has helped the world progress towards “the eradication of its ills”, including drugs, crime, violence and intolerance.

One user, Vongoloid, uploaded the video with the message: “Actor Jason Beghe exposes... Scientology to Mark Bunker of Xenu TV. YouTube suspended Mark's account, XenuTV1, so I am putting this up for justice.”

Another, Skeptic12345, simply said: “Rehosting while Mark Bunker's YouTube is down".

Angry viewers posted comments below the re-hosted clips.

“Unsuspend his f***ing account, YouTube,” wrote one.

“Banning free speech is a major no no. Knock it off.”

YouTube’s policy on suspending accounts relates to copyright and inappropriate content.

“We take copyright issues very seriously. We prohibit users from uploading infringing material and we cooperate with copyright holders to identify and promptly remove infringing content,” its policy states.

“YouTube reviews the content and removes it from the system within minutes if it violates our Terms of Use. This combined with our proprietary technology helps us to enforce the rules. We also disable the accounts of repeat offenders.”

It is not the first time YouTube and Scientology critics have clashed. After a video of Hollywood actor Tom Cruise speaking about Scientology was leaked to YouTube last year, the church raised copyright issues and the site removed the clip, angering its users.

AlsoAlso It’s ok to think Doctor Who is gay, says David Tennant

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Drinking coffee? Thank the Bat

They patiently 'perch and wait' in the tree canopy above the coffee bushes, inverted and clutching a branch with their feet, sometimes for hours at a stretch. Their large, pointy ears listen intently for the sounds of insects chewing, crawling across leaves, or chirping. Then they swoop down and snatch the bug off the leaf or stem.

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CIA Mind Control

Excerpt from a National Geographic documentary about CIA mind control experiments. Gets interesting a couple minutes in. Gets disturbing in the last minute or so.

one must become meat always with one another and make meat

Without "reflection over the power of the meat" the art does not have radiant emittance strength.

What am I talking about?

The Last Supper as a gay orgy? Uproar in Vienna

The sketchy black-and-white picture shows the Twelve Apostles drinking, dancing, and well, getting extremely friendly with each other. It certainly isn’t the version of Christ’s Last Supper that most people are familiar with…

Austrian artist Alfred Hrdlicka’s version of the Last Supper as a homosexual orgy was supposed to be one of the highlights of an exhibition at the Dommuseum, the museum of Vienna’s Roman Catholic cathedral. An initial favourable review by the local Catholic news agency didn’t seem to find anything wrong. But blink and it’s gone — thanks to the intervention of Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, the archbishop of Vienna, after the painting sparked criticism in Austria and as far away as the United States. Here’s a protest article in German (with 61 comments and an explicit video about the exhibition) and a comically bad machine translation into English.wonderfully profound Babelfish Article with Angry Video (but you have to squint, my Lovelies)
.'s what year again?

Edit Oh yeah: The Empire Never Ended

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In which we discover we spend twice as much on make up as we do on aid.
Of course, we spend 117 times as much on war than aid...

(via norightturn)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bad Biology

Frank Henenlotter (Frankenhooker, Brain Damage) returns with what looks to be his most demented film yet. This is the trailer.

NSFW. Possibly not safe for humans.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Church of Scientology's 'Operating Thetan' documents leaked online

Wikinews has obtained 'Operating Thetan' (OT) documents of the Church of Scientology which were leaked via Wikileaks. Although some portions of the manual have been leaked previously, this is believed to be the first time the full unedited version has been leaked.

The file is a 612-page compilation of material written for Scientologists by L. Ron Hubbard, and contains instructions for the eight different Operating Thetan levels including 'clear' and OT8. Most of the documents have been retyped from their original sources. The file does, however, contain some scanned in Hubbard's own handwriting, which also bear his signature. The collection also contains bulletins by Hubbard written for individuals who have passed the according levels.

"A great many phenomena (strange things) can happen while doing these drills, if they are done honestly," Hubbard writes in regards to 'OT1.' Hubbard then goes on to explain in hand written notes, the 'drills' one must do in order to become 'OT1':

"One: Walk around and counts bodies until you have a cognition. Make a report saying how many you counted and your cognition. Two: Note several large and small female bodies until you have a cognition. Note it down. Three: Note several large and several small male bodies until you have a cognition. Note it down. Four: Final a tight packed crowd of people. Write it as a crowd and then as individuals until you have a cognition. Note it down. Do step over until you do."

Hubbard then goes on to explain OT2, but before he does so, he tells the Churches how to keep Scientology working. One way is to not divulge information on their "technology." Doing so, says Hubbard, would result in "the complete destruction of all our work."

via Disinfo

Read it while it's hot kids! Me? I've got more important stuff to read like learning about UI design and stuff, but hey I'm putting it out there.

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THE FUTURE IS . . . well, still in the future.

Whatever it eventually looks like, and whatever it actually does, this vehicle is going to make it.

And then, there’s the inevitable bad news: The first-gen RoboScooter will not be very robotic.

via Popular Mechanics


Decoded: 'The clay tablet that tells how an asteroid destroyed Sodom 5,000 years ago'

A clay tablet that has baffled scientists for more than a century has been identified as a witness's account of an asteroid that destroyed the Biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah 5,000 years ago.

Geologists have long puzzled over the shape of the land close to the town of Köfels in the Austrian Alps.

But now researchers claim to have finally found the answer.

They say the tablet's symbols give a detailed account of how a mile-long asteroid hit the region, causing thousands of deaths and devastating more than one million sq km (386,000 sq miles).

More via the Mail UK

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Terence McKenna audio

A shit-tonne of Terence McKenna spoken audio has resurfaced for download.

Always well worth the time.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Moses was high on drugs

High on Mount Sinai, Moses was on psychedelic drugs when he heard God deliver the Ten Commandments...

"As far Moses on Mount Sinai is concerned, it was either a supernatural cosmic event, which I don't believe, or a legend, which I don't believe either, or finally, and this is very probable, an event that joined Moses and the people of Israel under the effect of narcotics..."

Welcome to new contributors...!

Please feel free to post / cross-post whatever you like. If you have been invited you are trusted. Admin status will be granted when I check to see if you have accepted the invite. Yes I know the template sucks, suggestions?

Looking for email addresses to invite Klintron and Uncle $cam... if you guys are out there send me an email.

More to follow...

PS - there are no rules here for any of you.

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A Man For All Seasons

I listened to a local radio show on the way to work this morning.
Alex Jones was the guest.

I encourage all to spend time at
This man by no means is a lunatic. I just wish that he wasn’t so raving.

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Third Reich's Diabolical Orbiting Superweapon

Written by Alan Bellows on February 9th, 2008 at 4:19 am


"The Sun Gun was based on a design originally conceived by Hermann Oberth, a physicist who is widely credited as one of the founding fathers of rocketry and astronautics. In his 1929 book Wege zur Raumschiffahrt, or "Ways to Spaceflight," Oberth presented a scientific description of a hypothetical manned space station orbiting at an altitude of one thousand kilometers. He detailed potential construction methods using prefabricated sections, described a rotational cycle to produce centrifugal gravity within the station, and outlined a system for periodic resupply missions. Oberth advocated the development of these Raumstations to serve as astronomical observatories and telegraph relays, in addition to Earth-observing activities such as meteorology, search-and-rescue, and military intelligence. What interested the Nazi scientists, however, was his suggestion that a specially engineered 100-meter-wide concave mirror could be used to reflect sunlight into a concentrated point on the Earth. But whereas Oberth's design had peaceful intentions– to use the intense heat to produce electricity with steam turbines– the nefarious Nazis envisioned a colossal heat ray which could vanquish humanity."

Read the rest of the article here.

Further reading:
1945 Time magazine article about space mirror
1945 New York Times article discussing the Sun Gun
Testing Archimedes' Death Ray
Projects Overcast and Paperclip
Homepage for the solar furnace in Odeillo, France
BBC article on solar power tower
Newsreel footage of pure metallic sodium reacting with water

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

He Was 90

Goodbye Mr. Clarke. See ya when I get there.

Monday, March 17, 2008

It's about Time

This is NOT what the world's first time machine will look like.
CERN's Large Hadron Collider is set to become the very first time machine in history. According to the research published by Irina Arefieva and Igor Volovich, "in general relativity, a time-like curve in space-time will run from past to future. But in some space-times the curves can intersect themselves, giving a closed-like curve, which is interpreted as a time machine - which suggests the possibility of time travel"

Time Travel. It is a dream I have.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

First Post

This is the First Post.